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Applied Cryptology


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  • Shih-Ping Chan
  • Robert Deng
  • San Ling
  • Harald Niederreiter (Chair)
  • Eiji Okamoto
  • Igor E. Shparlinski
  • Neil J.A. Sloane
  • Chaoping Xing

Senior Visitors

(Updated on 10 October 2001)
  • R. Anderson (UK)
  • F. Bao (Singapore)
  • A. Barg (USA)
  • S. Blackburn (UK)
  • I.F. Blake (Canada)
  • C. Carlet (France)
  • S.P. Chan (Singapore)
  • P. Charpin (France)
  • G. Cohen (France)
  • E. Dawson (Australia)
  • R. Deng (Singapore)
  • C.S. Ding (Hong Kong)
  • G.L. Feng (USA)
  • K.Q. Feng (China)
  • A. Garcia (Brazil)
  • D. Gollmann (UK)
  • T. Helleseth (Norway)
  • A. Klapper (USA)
  • P.V. Kumar (USA)
  • A.K. Lenstra (USA)
  • S. Ling (Singapore)
  • J.L. Massey (Denmark/Sweden)
  • T. Matsumoto (Japan)
  • H. Niederreiter (Singapore)
  • E. Okamoto (Japan)
  • T. Okamoto (Japan)
  • D.Y. Pei (China)
  • M. Pohst (Germany)
  • N. Sendrier (France)
  • J.-P. Serre (France)
  • I.E. Shparlinski (Australia)
  • N.J.A Sloane (USA)
  • P. Solé (France)
  • V. Varadharajan (Australia)
  • G.Z. Xiao (China)
  • C.P. Xing (Singapore)


Modern societies and economies require fast, reliable, and secure communication. Two crucial issues arising from this need are addressed by mathematical information theory: (i) error-free transmission; (ii) protection of sensitive data against hacking and tampering. The first issue, also called data validity, is covered by coding theory and the second issue, also called data integrity, is covered by cryptology. Since coding theory and cryptology can be viewed as related subjects and share a lot of mathematical background, it is meaningful to combine them into a single program. In fact, considerable cross-fertilizations can be expected from a joint program on coding theory and cryptology. Workshops, seminars, and informal discussions on a research level as well as tutorials on background material will form an integral part of the program.


The program will be divided into three parts, each lasting six to eight weeks:

1. Mathematical Foundations – including computational number theory, theory of algebraic curves and algebraic function fields, Boolean functions for block ciphers, low-correlation sequences and complexity issues, etc. more

2. Coding and Cryptography – including constructions of codes and nets, asymptotic theory of codes, decoding algorithms, public-key cryptosystems, digital signature schemes, authentication schemes, application of curves and codes to cryptography and issues in cryptanalysis, etc. more

3. Applied Cryptology – including software implementations, design of cryptochips, public-key infrastructure, key management, security issues for e-commerce, banking and mobile communications, new paradigms such as biometric methods, quantum cryptography, etc. more

For each part of the program, a one-week tutorial and a one-week workshop will be held.

Tutorial and Workshop Dates




Part 1.

23 - 26 July 2001

16 - 20 July 2001

Part 2.

3 - 7 September 2001

10 - 13 September 2001

Part 3.

26 - 29 November 2001

3 - 6 December 2001

* IMS Membership is not required for participation in workshops and tutorials. For attendance at workshop and/or tutorial, please complete the registration form (MSWord|PDF|PS) and fax or email to us.
** There will be registration fee of S$309 (inclusive of GST) for each Workshop and Tutorial in Part 3. However, the fee will be waived for participants from Government Ministries/Departments, Statutory Boards, Universities and Research Institutes.

Membership and Application

The institute invites applications for membership for participation in the above program. A limited number of fellowships, covering travel and living expenses, are available to young mathematical scientists. Applications should be received at least three (3) months before the commencement of membership. Application form is available in MSWord|PDF|PS format for download.

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