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Part 1. Mathematical Foundations

Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Coding Theory and Cryptology, 16 - 20 July 2001

Invited Speakers (as of 18 June 2001) : S. Blackburn (UK), I.F. Blake (Canada), C. Carlet (France), T. Helleseth (Norway), P.V. Kumar (USA), M. Pohst (Germany), I.E. Shparlinski (Australia), C.P. Xing (Singapore).

Description : The workshop is part of the inaugural program of the Institute for Mathematical Science on coding theory and data integrity which will run from July to December 2001. There will be invited talks and shorter contributed talks. Specific topics include (but are not limited to) computational number theory, algebraic curves and algebraic function fields, boolean functions, low-correlation sequences, and complexity issues.

Call for Papers : Authors of contributed papers should e-mail an abstract of 300 - 500 words to H. Niederreiter ( by April 27, 2001. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by May 11, 2001.

Tutorial on Mathematical Foundations of Coding Theory and Cryptology, 23 - 26 July 2001

Speakers and Topics (as of 28 February 2001) :

A.K. Lenstra (USA)

Computational number theory

H. Niederreiter (Singapore)

Algebraic function fields over finite fields

I.E. Shparlinski (Australia)

Exponential sums in coding theory and cryptology

Description : Each tutorial module will consist of 4 lectures of 45 minutes each.



Please complete the registration form (MSWord|PDF|PS) and fax or email to us not later than 18 June 2001.