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Singapore Today

Singapore is made up of not just one island but a main island with 63 surrounding islets. The main island has a total land area of 682 square km.

However, its compact size belies its economic growth. In just 150 years, Singapore has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry. Its former role as an entrepot has diminished, as the nation has increased its manufacturing base.

Singapore is the busiest port in the world with over 600 shipping lines sending super tankers, container ships and passenger liners to share the busy waters with coastal fishing vessels and wooden lighters.

One of the world's major oil refining and distribution centers, Singapore is a major supplier of electronic components and a leader in shipbuilding and repairing. It has also become one of the most important financial centers of Asia, with more than 130 banks. Business dealings are facilitated by Singapore's superb communications network which links the nation to the rest of the world via satellite, 24-hour telegraph and telephone systems.

Singapore's strategic location, excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts and tourist attractions contribute to its success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure.

Uniquely Singapore

What makes a place unique that gives it its distinct identity?
Its people.
Its landscape.
Its place in the world.
Its passage through time.

From its beginnings as a humble trading post to the bustling metropolis it is today, Singapore has always been different. A bridge between the East and the West for centuries, Singapore is today a vibrant melting pot of ideas, cultures and peoples. Local in its perspective but global in its outlook, Singapore is a city that has evolved uniquely, where age-old traditions and cutting-edge innovations are celebrated, a place brimming with unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events.

Singapore – truly a city like no other. With its friendly and welcoming people, state-of-the-art infrastructure and something new happening every day, Singapore is so easy to appreciate.

Singapore: Shoppers’ Paradise and More!
Of quality luxury labels and mind-boggling variety

Where else can you get such incredible diversity in one convenient location? From luxury boutiques to quality antiques, from the latest electronics to tomorrow’s fashion trends, you can shop for days in the city. Suss out the best bargain deals and fantastic sales in the malls, shops and markets. Beyond everyone’s favorite shopping boulevard, Orchard Road, there are many other shopping districts in Marina Bay, Bugis, the civic district and the suburbs waiting to be explored. Singapore – a one-stop destination where you can practically shop the world.

Singapore: The Food Capital of the World
Of subtle flavors and local delights

They don’t call Singapore a food paradise for nothing. When it comes to fine dining, whether it is haute French cuisine or a ten-course Cantonese banquet, Singapore is peerless in its diversity. Then there is the entire range of local dishes that are truly unique to Singapore – from fragrant Hainanese chicken rice to fiery Chilli Crab and Peranakan curries. In Singapore, you have endless unique culinary experiences. It all depends on how many meals you can fit in a day!

Singapore: An Island of Attractions
Of unforgettable experiences and endless photo moments

The sights and sounds of bustling ethnic communities. Nature’s creatures at play in a natural environment. Funky architecture in a lush garden city. There are so many aspects of Singapore that win over our visitors you’ll need more than a few days to see them all. In this city of contrasts, you can sightsee from a trishaw ride in the shadow of skyscrapers or relive the tough lives of early immigrants through modern technology. Or simply chill out on the pier where the popular icon, the Merlion, stands guard at the mouth of the Singapore River. Whatever you choose, there’s always something unique round the corner to surprise and enthrall you.

Singapore: A Gateway to Asia and Australasia

When you visit Singapore, you are not just limited to one country. With our excellent flight connections, rail, cruising and other touring options, we are the perfect gateway to Asia and Australasia. Visiting neighboring countries is a breeze!

Discover Singapore

Today Singapore is the favored destination of many, a city where every visit leaves you enriched, recharged and craving for more. There is so much waiting to be experienced, a world of possibilities not found anywhere else. Come and discover it for yourself, and take away memories that are uniquely Singapore.

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About Singapore . TransportationTravelers' Essentials

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